Getting Found with SEO

Google has very complicated algorithms to calculate which pages should show up on the first page of results when a user searches a term. To ensure your site is easy for Google’s crawlers to locate all content and information it needs, every site is structured to be SEO friendly easily searchable. Sites are optimized for increased loading times, and plugins such as Yoast SEO are installed to produce Sitemaps and optimize file delivery.

What SEO features are handled?

As a freelance website designer, I cannot handle all SEO needs, however I do include some necessary items to improve searchability.

Speed Optimization

A website’s speed can affect search results, so each site is optimized for faster loading times. This includes compressing images, minifying files and combining stylesheets, as well as enabling caching and CDN services. All website designs are optimized for easy and fast loading, no bloaty plugins or extra code is ever used.

Blog Setup & Popullating

Having great content is the key to showing up on Google. To increase SEO, blogs are highly recommended. Every website design comes with a complimentary Blog page. Blog post can be heavily modified and easily configured for SEO.

Yoast SEO & Sitemap Setup

Along with a new website design, new sitemaps and 301’s are created to ensure optimal SEO scores. Any previous links are redirected to the new site to ensure SEO is not damaged. To improve the sites ability to be searched, Yoast SEO is installed and configured so the site can be easily crawled  and indexed by Google.

SEO Friendly Structuring

Not all text is equal in Google’s eyes, and I make sure to write all code with accurate tags and parameters to ensure Google finds the correct information. All Titles are correctly assigned and marked to ensure Google creates user friendly descriptions and previews for searches.

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