High Quality Websites

Having a quality design is the key to having a successful and interesting website. I ensure all websites are designed with the end user in mind; designing sites to be user friendly, responsive, and easy to maintain. Each website is designed with HTML5 & CSS3 as well built on the WordPress CMS, allowing for easier control and more functionality.


Designed With Users in Mind

The most important part of a website design is ensuring a great user experience. Using eye-catching graphics and strategically placed elements, each website is designed to invoke interest and increase user interactions. To ensure the best user experience, each site includes:

Social Media Integration

All social media outlets are integrated into a websites design for better and stronger relationships with your customers.

Browser Compatibility

All websites are thoroughly tested to ensure they are compatible with standard browsers.

User Friendly Design

A key to having a great website is ensuring every user can easily navigate and interact with the design.

Fast Loading Speeds

To ensure users have a seamless and flawless experience, all websites are optimized to improve loading times.

Responsive Website Design

All websites are designed to be responsive, creating a seamless experience for mobile/desktop users.

SEO Friendly Design

Being seen on Google is big, so each website is strategically structured for better search results.

Built on WordPress

WordPress is a free tool used to create dynamic websites. Originally, WordPress was developed back in 2003 as a blogging platform type software. However, recently WordPress has become more robust, enabling everyone from experienced web developers to the average user to edit and collaborate a sites design. With WordPress, editing post and changing items has never been easier!

WordPress is a great option for businesses looking for a new website design. It allows businesses to easily manage websites without the need of a dedicated IT member, it’s extremely cost effective, and it has a butt-load of readily available plugins that cut development time drastically. WordPress is completely online, and has a user friendly interface that allows for extremely quick and easy changes to be made whenever, and wherever. To see some examples of sites designed in WordPress, take a look at my recent projects.

Website Maintenance

Website designs are always changing – as a business grows, so must it’s website. I understand this, and I am able to make any modifications or changes needed down the road. There’s no need to have a dedicated IT person. Need a new page or feature added? Not a problem! Any modification or addition required can easily be implemented at anytime.

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