Design Inspiration – A few of my favorite sites

Designing a new site can be quite the undertaking. I tend to start my design process by looking around at some of my favorite sites online for some inspiration. These sites usually range from company websites to blogs and applications. Below are some of my favorite site designs, maybe they will inspire you.

This site features beautiful graphics and a lovely pallet of colors. Utilizing white space and large padding, the site encourages users to explore and get to that next paragraph. Using creative and various type faces this sites typography really stands out.

Similarly with DoneDone, Ignant utilizes a lot of whitespace and large padding for a very clean and elegant design. With most blog articles containing more imagery than text, the homepage ties in this image hierarchy over text very nicely, preparing the users for how the articles will be presented. Another great aspect to Ignants site’s design is the flexibility with the mobile design, whether you are on desktop, mobile, or tablet, your view is never changed to drastically.

Paypal may not be your average place to head for inspiration, but they do a magnificent job creating designs that both engage users and promote authority and trust. Using their brand blue and white, they are able to create a dynamic layout with minimal adjustments to the pages design.

500px does a great job of showcasing fantastic photography while also deploying marketing information on their home page. With large images and a creative layout, 500px engages users as soon as they land on the page.

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